Healthy Scheduling Habits

By John Rampton

Schedule everything has been a good management tip since it was first given long ago as "Schedule everything on paper."

The suggestion still makes a whole lot of sense. If something isn’t in your calendar, it doesn’t deserve your time and energy. Having a meeting or event scheduled keeps you on track and productive. You'll dedicate a specific amount of time to a specific activity. It also prevents conflicts from arising in your schedule; you won’t take that conference call at noon because you know you have a lunch meeting.

Long-term planning is essential for a business owner or entrepreneur but putting everything on your calendar can be time-consuming and stressful. Do you really need to plan out every single hour of your day for the next week, month or year?  Will you ultimately be happier and more productive if everything is written down? Some research finds that if you are too confined and stressed by an "every minute" schedule  you may find your sweet spot with a "rough schedule."